Manta Consulting is capable of assisting clients with a single building, or facilities across the globe.

MANTA is a trusted advisor and problem solver for clients with needs ranging from finding the source of a troublesome leak to development & implementation of customized preventative maintenance programs for an entire portfolio.

MANTA’s independent guidance with building envelope related matters offers insights presented in a consistent manner based on established industry standards, thereby enabling a better understanding of how to select the most appropriate course of action to address an individual situation, or efficiently manage a large group of facilities to maximize ROI.

MANTA undertakes each assignment as a unique situation, regardless of complexity, in order to objectively identify issues that require attention along with providing a workable plan of action to accomplish established project goals.

MANTA strives to provide each client the highest level of service and handles every task as an opportunity to accomplish that goal.

Condition Surveys & Investigations

MANTA performs building envelope evaluations & leak troubleshooting on construction including but not limited to: concrete, EIFS & stucco, facade cladding, fenestration, masonry, roofing & waterproofing; and provides independent documentation of current conditions along with clarification of feasible options to allow informed decisions regarding maintenance & renovation projects.


Independent Research & Document Review

MANTA offers on-call consulting to assist with short term/ongoing assignments of variable duration that may involve assessing the viability & feasibility of products and methods proposed by others for compliance with industry standards & compatibility with existing building envelope construction.


Construction Period Support

MANTA offers assistance with bid process & contract administration to help ensure projects progress as intended without “loose ends” to be dealt with later. Associated services include review & comment on contractor submittals, QA/QC monitoring of construction in progress for compliance with product & execution requirements, quantification of “unit price” work performed, as well as project closeout documentation.


MANTA Preventative Maintenance Programs (MPMP)

Generate building specific Repair & Maintenance Guidelines.

Develop customized Checklists & Drawings to track maintenance status.

Train on-site facility management staff about MPMP utilization.

Support warranty claims related to building envelope systems.


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